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Our Products

Moringa Superfood

Moringa is a natural supplement and a superfood with antioxidants to support Immunity.

Moringa Oleifera is high in energy and vigor. As a result, this super plant is used to prevent and treat a variety of disorders, and in today’s fast-paced and stressful world, it’s a good idea to support yourself with a chemical-free natural antidepressant and tonic plant. As a result, moringa bark, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, oil, juice, and gum are utilized in traditional medicine.

Moringa Contains:

25 x more iron than spinach,

17 x more calcium than milk,

15 x more potassium than bananas,

10 x more vitamin A than carrots,

9 x more protein than yoghurt,

7 x more vitamin C than oranges.

4 Different Flavors

Coffee Cookies Original
Coffee Cookies with Chocolate
Coffee Cookies with Cinnamon
Coffee Cookies with Peppermint

Espressas’ Coffee Cookies

The coffee is roasted Italian Espresso style and later it is ground finely. These cookies are the ideal snack for any time of day because you can enjoy a delicious and crunchy biscuit with the intense flavor of coffee, all in the same bite!

Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization that works with local partner groups to develop and promote sustainable standards in agriculture, forestry, and tourism. These standards protect the environment and promote the well-being of workers, their families, and their communities.

Urrutia’s Estate Coffee


Nespresso pods or K-cups Compatible


Arabica Coffee from El Salvador

White Label Avaliable

Compostable Cups – Nespresso and Keurig compatible

Pacamara and Bourbon emblematic varieties of El Salvador, awarded worldwide.
These compostable premium coffee capsules highlight delicate fruit notes, caramel, peach, blueberry, and dark chocolate, balanced acidity, medium body, aftertaste.

Product Specifications

Composition – 100% Arabica Coffee without additives

Cupping: Intense taste, pleasant fragrance, and aroma, sublime coffee, fresh and clean, medium acidity, medium body, marked aftertaste with chocolate and citric tones.

Reduce your carbon footprint with carbon-neutral coffee pods and boxes.

Our Compost Pods allow you to toss both your used coffee pod and coffee directly into your garden or compost bin with other organic materials.

Our sustainable boxes are fully recyclable.

Environmentally Conscious Single Serve Coffee Pods:

Our Compost Pods are plastics-free and manufactured in the USA from certified compostable plant-based materials.

Our eco-friendly pods avoid single-use plastics, allowing waste to be diverted from the landfill at the end of their life cycle.

Our responsibly produced single-serve coffee pods provide a viable certified solution to the growing environmental concerns of single-serve brewing cups.

Coffee grounds are good for plants�giving them the nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium to support healthy green growth. Toss your used Compost Cups in your garden and watch your plants flourish.

100% Petroleum-Free & Plastics Free� a welcome alternative.